Klout Urinal Cleaner

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Urinal acidic cleaning

To clear uric acid from floor urinals

Concentrated acidic emulsion for removal of uric sludge/ High Traffic Urinal Cleaner

Klout is a deep toilet and urinal cleaner that will eliminate the terrible urine smell that mostly comes from male toilets. Klout will clear the build up in the pipes in the upright Urinal.

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Klout is a deep toilet & urinal cleaner, that will eat away at the URINE ODOUR that mostly occurs in male public toilets & even the showers.

One of Klout’s great functions, is to remove the urine build up that is stuck in your pipes which in turn gives off that dreaded URINE smell.

Klout may be used on urinals, toilets and the concrete step, which also eliminates that lingering URINE smell by pulling the URINE out of the entire step.

It removes rust off baths too BUT Please note training is required to avoid damage to your bath.


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